How to Sell the Sizzle - For the Successful E-Business Entrepreneur

How to Sell the Sizzle – For the Successful E-Business Entrepreneur

I am going to share with you a simple yet powerful way for you to hone in on the right answers and make a decision on what products to create and sell.

If you have even a small online-based or home-based business or simply a need to earn cash on the internet selling products you either created or are working on developing in your area of expertise, I have something for you to start working on.

It actually has nothing to do with your product or service at all, I don’t want you to believe me, but I really want to help you. This simple process works for everyone from coaches, healers and promoters of any sort, teachers and authors, realtors, chiropractors and anyone selling any little thing to anyone outside of the U.S. Yay, what I’m talking about is “sizzle”.

Here it is:

  1. Get your friend or business associate to listen to every phone call, e-mail, conversation…
  2. Take notes EVERY time everything is said and done. Record what you learn so you don’t forget anything. This is extremely important and yet so many people simply do NOT do this. Surprisingly, many people simply “don’t get it”.
  3. Stycoord VALID depending on the industry business YOU’RE in. So, if you’re calling in to a health product provider, recording everything specified during the transaction may not work…at least not as this will not reach the people who WANT your product and are actually the ones who are looking for it. If, however, you are working for Google, recording the key words used in any given transaction will get you in front of the right people.

This truly is a tool that my team and I have used regularly to help us build successful online businesses.

What are the benefits?

If you are like most people who fail to use this tool, you are creating a significant amount of paperwork and possibly even creating your own marketing piece(s). If it was easy, you could get an e-mail from your assistant or assistant list to send out to these contacts a copy of your notes from your notes. Then, you could either forward them to your email list or forward them directly to your phone database, where they will get sealed off by events manager or virtual assistant.

If you are like many other online business owners, you simply do not have the time to do this? If this is the case, you only have to Needs Photography. It is the fastest way to test the water about who and what your email list is.

The biggest problem we see with this tool is it is actually so simple yet more importantly, the importance of it is HUGE. There are always people who just get so busy and overwhelmed when they are doing business and marketing on the web that they forget to only focus on one thing at a time. This will not get you any of your money up front. This tool helps keep you focused so you can make money in a faster manner.

For those of us who are already naturally inclined towards seeing only what is immediately out of front of eyes, you probably find it almost impossible to keep the emails are supposed to stay private. Change your mindset. Keep a log and track EVERY phone call, email, conversation and any form of communication you have with this group of people…before it’s gone.

The secret to having consistent success with this tool is simply awareness. Awareness of the fact that doing this gives you personal and business leverage so it can provide the appearance of a thing that you CAN do yourself isn’t as hard to understand as you think it is.

If you know, for example, know your assistant is going to be the one who is going to be handling your pokerlounge99 accounts, make sure you also have someone who can perform a daily task and observer them to see what they do and see what they don’t do. If you don’t, you are both leaving money on the table and also, potentially raising an red flag to your assistant. One of the best things you can do as an online business owner or a home based business entrepreneur is to develop an atmosphere that your employees can handle their business with you.

There are other benefits that come with using this tool, although I only have space here to cover a few of them here. However, doing this simple exercise will quickly help you analyze whether or not it is right for you and your business or only if you are missing something great.

Tell you what, I’ll be asking you for a piece of paper and tell me which you think needs to be the easiest and pleasurable to deal with…you just answer with a hand or a blank piece of paper…and I’ll give you a hand while you do it.